Carlos Tavez is set to move to the Brazilian football club Corinthians. Much to the disbelief of Man City fans who were relying on Tavez to advance their dreams of chlallening Man United for the Premiership title. Carlos Tavez was one of the favourites in the top goal scoring betting market. With the withdrawal of Tevez Wayne Rooney becomes favourite.

Update.  Tavez hasn’t moved to Brazil but he’s moved away from Man City, so it’s the same difference!

At Let’s Compare Bet’s we have mentioned that Wayne Rooney looks like a good bet in this market. Another goal betting market worth considering is the top scoring Englishman in the premiership this season. The change in odds for Wayne Rooney has revealed value in this market.

Wayne Rooney is one of the favourites in the top goal scoring markets. This may have made his odds a little short for top goal scoring Englishman.

Wayne Rooney is favourite and Darren Bent is second favourite. Here are some stats. Wayne Rooney scores an average of 16 goals per season, whereas, Darren Bent scores an average of 17. The stats suggest that Wayne Rooney’s odds are too short and that Darren bent for top scoring Englishman is a better bet.

Frank Lampard and Jermain Defoe both have odds at around 12/1. Frank scored an average of 14.6 goals per season and Jermain scored an average of 10.6. Darren Bent still looks like the best value.

William Hill have priced up the top scoring Englishman market, get the odds.

Who do you think will be tops scoring Englishman in the new premieship season? Have your say,

As a finishing point, something worth following is the replacement of Carlos Tavez with the fellow Argentine Sergio Aguero, of Athletico Madrid. Aquero scored 20 league goals for Athletico Madrid last season. The bookmaker’s odds on Aguero to be top goal score good be a goal deal.

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