World cup teams bring the best and most talented players that footballing nations have to offer. When it comes down to football fixed odds betting trends emerge that can prove to be profitable. This post is about corner betting World Cup football games and the teams to watch out for.

Spotting profitable trends is the start of getting profitable World Cup corner bets. Using the statistics from the qualifying games is a good place to start.

During qualifying France gained the most corners in 92% of their qualifying games (11 out of 12). In 12 games France averaged a big 5 corners or more than their opponents.

The Netherlands won the most corners in 87% of their qualifying games (7 out of 8 )

Spain won the most corners in 80% of their games in qualifying (8 out of 10)

The Netherlands and Spain bettered their opponents by over 3 corners per game.

If they are matched against teams who do not win many corners or don’t score many goals you can profit. Also it’s a fun way to set up loads of bets and get more enjoyment from what might otherwise be games which offer no excitement.

At the World Cup corner bets can be placed on every game. The bets to go for are ‘total corner’ bets and ‘corner handicap’ bets.

World Cup Total Corners betting

This is the simplest form of corner betting. Will the match have more or less than 10 corners in total. Odds are offered on the under 10, over 10 and exactly 10 corner result.

A good idea is to stake on exactly 10 corners. The stake on exactly 10 corners needs to be just enough to cover the loss on the over or under corner bet should it not win. The chances of getting exactly 10 corners is relatively low meaning the odds should be quite long, so you only need to stake a small amount to win back the stake if the over or under bet does not win.

World Cup Corner Handicap betting

The bookmaker gives the best team at winning corners a handicap. The team must overcome the handicap before the bookmaker pays out. Here’s an example.

France (minus 2) 5/4. France is the favourite and has been given a minus 2 handicap.
Mexico (plus 2) 5/6. Mexico is not so good at winning corner so has another 2 corners added to their total.
Tie (Team B plus 2) 13/2. If there is a tie the underdog wins.

Worked example. If France wins 5 corners and Mexico win 4. After the handicap is applied France loses with 3 corners (total minus 2) and Mexico wins with 6 corners (total plus 2). If France has 8 corners and Mexico has 3. After the handicap France wins with 6 corners and Mexico loses with 5.

When when a team like France is matched against a team that does not have a good record of winning corners a corner handicap bet could be a good proposition.

Check out the results for France’s game against Uruguay, although boring, it would have paid out on a corner bet.

Keep an eye on the teams we have mentioned here, when playing the right opponents corner betting is the way forward. Taking a quick look an over 10 corner bet on France V Mexico you can get odds of 2.20. That’s £2.20 for every £1 staked. Betfair is an alternative to normal bookmakers. It is easy to use, but will take a little time to learn, Betfair offers odds that are much better the normal bookmakers. Visit Betfair to find out why. All you have to do is join, bet after making a deposit, then claim back any loses if you lose up to a stake of £25. So that’s win or your money back.

Otherwise there are many online bookmakers offering money back or free bets, check it here.

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  1. The way I remember to do it is to just apply the handicap to one team to get the handicap result, not both sides.
    The best way to explain it is to apply the handicap to the team you have backed. So if you back France minus 2, simply take two of France’s total and compare to Mexico’s total to get the result.

    • Thanks, well spotted. Our editor must have been asleep on the job! To make this clear the handicap is either deducted from the favourite or added to the underdogs.

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