In this edition of the LetsCompareBets World Cup betting diary we’re making predictions on the England Germany and Argentina Mexico.

England are favourites to beat Germany, but, only just. This is surprising perhaps, after being knocked out by Germany at both Euro ’96 and World Cup ’90. Germany is a different side from back then, so the impact on England should only be psychological. Germany has a young team and has key players such as Michael Ballack are injured.

Here are some tasty stats for betting on the World Cup England V Germany game.

England and Germany have not been scoring many goals. Under 2.5 goals (which is a typical type of goal bet for those who don’t know) have been produced in 3 out of 3 of England’s games and 2 out of 3 of Germany. Added to that Germany have been fairing progressively worse since their 4 – 0 stonker against Australia. There has been a 1 – 0 score line in half of the games played by England and Germany.

Here’s a goal betting tip. Go under 2.5 goals. Or perhaps bet on a 1 – 0 or 0 – 1 result supporting which ever team you think is more likely to win. Yikes, who will you go for England or Germany? Comments welcome.

An area where England will probably dominate is the corner market. England are good at winning corners, shown by an average of at least 12 corners in all 3 England games so far. They have won the most corners in 8 out of 10 games in qualifying: a trend that has continued during the group games.

Germany aren’t bad either. An over 10.5 corner bet would have paid in 2/3 of Germany’s games thus far. Germany have averaged 6 corners per game so far. They’ve won the most corners by at least 4 corners in every game.

With a game like this it is hard to pick a winner. The corners stats above point to a corner bet.

An over 10.5 corner bet is a good option. Also England to win most corners bet.


Argentina have won the Most Corners in all 3 games so far – Mexico have been out-cornered in 2 of their 3 games

Argentina have averaged 8.6 corners For in their 3 games while Mexico have averaged 4.0 corners For.

Argentina won 6 more corners than Nigeria in their first game. They out-cornered South Korea by 4 corners in their second game and won 9 more corners than Greece in the final group game.

A corner handicap bet could be good here. For example an Argentina -2 Corner Handicap bet. This would win if Argentina win at least 3 corners more than Mexico. Other ‘Corner Handicap’ bets are available where Argentina need only win 2 more corners than Mexico: another option.

All bets can be placed using one of the World Cup free bets available. Or compare betting odds to get the best prices for goal and corner betting.

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