Corner hungry teams can produce some really good betting trends. The premier league tends to suit more attacking play and often lots of corners. Take Aston Villa and Arsenal for example. Saturday’s game at 12.4PM live on Sky Sports 2 is set to be a corner bonanza (Ref: M. Clattenburg).

This presents a opportunity. First it’s wise to check that neither team have any key players injured. If there are not suitable replacements it could scupper a potential winning bet. Aston Villa’s home games normally produce over 10.5 Corners in 86% of games. Arsenal are not bad at winning corners either. They produce more than 10.5 corners in 86% of games.

Note. In the world of corner betting an ‘over 10.5’ corner bet means that you are betting that there will be 11 or more corners. Normally we recommend Betfair because they tend to have better odds than high street bookmakers. In case of corner bets Betfair offers a bet on exactly 11 corners or 12 or more corners.

Aston Villa and Arsenal’s games produce 11 corners per game on average. A bet on 12 or more corners would not be wise in this instance. If using Betfair a larger stake should be placed on 12 or more corners and a smaller ‘saver bet’ placed on exactly 11 corners. The odds for 11 corners will be relatively long, so the winnings if this bet comes in will offset loses from a ’12 or more’ corner bet.

Let’s Compare Bet’s recommends an ‘over corners’ bet on Aston Villa Vs Arsenal. Visit Betair to get a free bet for a new account or compare betting odds from all bookmakers.

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