Predicting the exact score line in a football match can be notoriously difficult. The chance of predicting the correct score is small. Obviously the odds are quite large and can produce good gains. LetsCompareBets has started a correct score football betting experiment to test to see if it’s possible to make profits from correct score betting. The correct score betting system uses the Betfair betting exchange and makes the best football predictions using goal data from free websites, the system has been explained over here. For people who are comfortable with using Betfair and have more advantaged knowledge of betting the article about scalping on Betfair may be more interesting. The article uses trading the correct score goal betting market on Betfair as an example.

Let’s see how the system has performed so far. Look at the results so far shown in the video below. It’s a recording of the betting history from the correct score system. The system relies on lots of small lay bets.

Taking a look at some of the odds that where taken it’s possible to see that if one bet loses it can reduce the amount of money in the betting bank quite considerably. For example, the Man Utd V Blackburn game. The odds to lay the 0 – 0 score line where 22. With a stake of 2 pounds the liability for that bet would have been 42 pounds (2 x 22). That would have been a big hit to the betting bank. To overcome this only high confidence correct score lay bets can be taken.

Selection of correct score bets is king

So it’s important to not get many loses and to get the best odds. Selection in very important.

Here are the next two selections for the correct score system are for Arsenal v Stoke City and Chelsea v Man United.

Why these correct score selections?

Playing at home Arsenal score and average of 2.4 goals per game and Stoke City score an average of 1.1 goals away from home. Arsenal games produced more than 2 goals in 75% of home games and over 2 goals in 63% of away games for stoke city. The chances of there there being a no goal draw are slim.

Chelsea and Man United both have high goal scoring averages. Chelsea score an average of over 2 goals at home although only about 40% of games go over 2 goals. Man United score an average of just under 2 goals per game but produce more than 2 goals per game in over 70% of games.

Visit Betfair to make these bets. If you don’t have an account they’ll give you a free bet. Making it a no risk bet to get started.

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