Betfair is a betting exchange. The asset being traded on this exchange is bets. Bets that are offered by Betfair members. The odds offered change regularly. It is possible to bet on football when the game is in play. With the ebb and flow of the game the odds change dramatically. This makes a great opportunity for football betting. Trading football games can produce good returns. The video below is a good guide to how to trade football games on Betfair. The principle of this type of football fixed odds betting is to place a back bet on an outcome. Then lay the same outcome at lower odds for a risk free return. If the odds move the wrong way the bet should be traded out to reduce the loss.

The video below shows how a trader, called ‘The Badger’, makes £130 per hour trading football games on Betfair.

The Badger uses Bet Trader to place the trades. This is software that connects with Betfair to aid trading. If you don’t have a Betfair account this, of course, is required too. Take me to Betfair.

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