The 2010 Premiership season is firmly underway and the popularity of football fixed odds betting is burning brightly. This post looks at some football betting statistics that can be used to make the best football bets. At this time in the season Premiership teams have got a few games under their belts, giving the most up to date data to use for making winning football predictions. Before Let’s Compare Bets reveals some of the most recent football betting trends this post looks at last seasons football betting stats. These stats can help predict what will happen in the current season.

Teams score more goals at home than away. The home team advantage is well known and shouldn’t be overlooked.

More Premiership games produce an over ‘2.5 goal’ result than under ‘2.5 goals’.

Teams win more corners at home than away, and concede more corners away than at home. Winning more corners normally goes hand in hand with scoring more goals. Corners get the ball into the goal area and in front of the best goal scorers.

Most Premiership games result in more than 10.5 corners per game. The average corner number last season was 11.2.

Here are some football betting statistics for a select number of Premiership teams.

No better place to start than last season’s winner, Chelsea FC.

Chelsea won 89% of their home games.
On 79% of occasions home games at Stamford Bridge produced over ‘2.5 goals’, in 15 out of 19 games.
74% of Chelsea’s away games produced more than 10.5 corners.
74% of Chelsea home games produced under 35.5 booking points or 3.5 cards. That’s 14 out of 19 games.

Manchester United have some similar figures, showing they are just as dominant as Chelsea in some areas.

They won 84% of home games.
84% of home games gave more than ‘2.5 goals’.

How can these figures be used to choose the best football bets?

To get the best football bets it’s important to use the goals, corners and bookings figures to chose which matches to bet on.

As shown previously Chelsea and Man United are very dominant when it comes to goals scored and corners when they play at home. When matched with a team that scores more goals or concedes more corners when playing away it reveals a betting opportunity.

Here’s an example. Wigan’s away games produced over ‘2.5 goals’ 78.9% of the time last season. That’s a very high percentage and can’t be ignored. If Wigan play Chelsea at home it would be fair to predict with some certainty that there will be over ‘2.5 goals’. This process of looking at the head to head figures for various teams will unlock some of the best goal, corner and booking points betting opportunities around.

A tip for the future

Chelsea has a home game against Aston Villa fast approaching. The important head to head statistics look like this.

Chelsea have scored an average of 4 goals per game and 66.7% of games produce over ‘2.5 goals’.
Aston Villa have let in an average of 4 goals per game and 100% of games produce over ‘2.5 goals’.

Recommended bet

Chelsea Vs Aston Villa, Over ‘2.5 goals’. We recommend Betfair because they often have the best odds and you get a ‘win or your money back‘ free bet with a new account.

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