Goal Spread Betting rewards the punter with open ended profits. Take a look at the video for an explanation of how a goal spread bet works.

Goal Spread Betting Explained

The sports spread betting company provides a goal prediction. A goal is worth a number of points. The number of points depends on who you choose to spread bet goals with. In this example, each goal is worth 10 points, and the prediction is a spread between 2.4 and 2.7 goals. In other words 2 or less goals and 3 or more goals.

Choose a stake to decide how much to bet per goal. The stake is divided by the number of points per goal. In the video the stake is £1 per point, so each goal is worth 10 pence.

The result of the goal spread bet is the amount per point X the difference between the prediction and the outcome. Here, 3 goals where scored. That’s 10 pence X .30 (the outcome was 3.0 goals and the upper end of the prediction is 2.7 goals) = 30 pence.

It is possible with some sports spread betting companies to start spread betting with a little as 1p per point with £30 free money to start or if you want a little more excitment bet more per point and get £200 free to kick off.

Corner Spread Betting Explained

The same method applies to spread betting corners. Video shows that it is practically the same, except that, each corner is worth 2 points. Stake £1 and that means 50 pence per point.

Bookings Spread Betting Explained

Here’s how it works for spread betting bookings. Yellow and red cards are worth points. In this example, a yellow is 10 points and a red is 25 points. The sports spread betting company makes a prediciton of how many cards will be issued each game. In this example the spread is between 60 and 64 points. Stake £1 per point and that means that each red card issued after 64 points is worth £25! Remember to check our your potential winnings and losses before you place your bet.

First Goal Spread Betting Explained

It is also possible to spread bet the time of the first goal, explained in this video.

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