Get all the information you need to start football goal betting on Betfair right here at First let us explain why goal betting on Betfair needs an explanation. First Betfair is the biggest betting community in the world, let alone on the internet. That’s the difference really, they are not a normal bookmaker, you won’t find a Betfair betting shop on a local high street. Betfair is online only baby!

It’s fair to say Betfair have cornered the market because they are different. Here’s why. The founders created the technology to produce an exchange for bets. Similar to a stock exchange for online betting. Bookmakers make money by ‘building in’ a profit margin into the odds they offer the public. Betfair don’t do this they just charge a small commission on your winnings. The odds on Betfair are better than those with any high street bookmaker.

So, if I place a goal bet on Betfair who is acting as the bookmaker?

There is no bookmaker. Just other Betfair members. Say you think that a football game between Chelsea and Fulham will produce more than 2 goals and you decide to place a bet. The odds on that bet are offered by another Betfair member. The other member thinks that there won’t be more than 2 goals in the game and is willing to stump up your winnings if there is more than 2 goals. Betfair completes the transaction between the two parties and holds onto the money until the final result. The Betfair website performs this function for hundreds of different bets. Betfair has so many members that there is always someone willing do a bet with.

You can make a back or lay goal bets on Betfair. In the example above the person who thinks that there won’t be more than 2 goals in the game is making a lay bet. New members don’t have to make lay bets and probably wouldn’t want to until they get used to using the website. To learn the nuts and bolts of lay betting on Betfair visit the Let’s Compare Bets main website by clicking the link.

What types of goal bets are available on Betfair?

Match goal betting includes

Correct score betting

Over or under goal betting – it is possible to bet over 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 goals. The higher the goal number the longer the odds (hence bigger winnings). But, obviously you don’t get many 6 goal results. The Premier League is great for ‘over goal’ betting with high goal results produced regularly by some teams. Over / under goal bets are shown like this, Over/Under 1.5 goals, Over/Under 2.5 goals and so on. Obviously it is not possible to score half a goal. Using 0.5 goals just means there has to be a definite over or under outcome. Scores of 1 – 0, 1 – 1, 0 – 1 would result in an under goal bet winning.

Next goal – you decide who you think will score the next goal.

Half time score – a goal bet on what the score line will be at half time

Team goals scored – how many goals each team will score. 1 or more, 2 and 3 or more goals.

Total goals in the game.

First goal scored – which team will score first.

Half with most goals

Which player to score

Team to win to nil – an example, Chelsea v Blackburn.

Team Typical odds
Chelsea 4/5
Blackburn 11/5

Here the goal bet is for one team to win without conceding any goals, 1 – 0, 2 – 0, 3 – 0 and so on.

Clean sheet – bet on a team to not ‘let in’ any goals (they don’t have to win)

Team to score in both halves – the bet wins if the team scores in the first and second half.

It is plain to see there are loads of different goal bets available with Betfair. At Let’s Compare Bets we recommend starting with a simple back ‘over or under’ goal bet. There are goal statistics available on the internet making it easy to choose a match where a strong attacking team is playing a weak defending team.

How to choose which matches to bet on for goal betting on Betfair

Teams that are good at scoring goals have high goals scored averages: no surprise there. They should also have high ‘corner won’ numbers.

Teams that are poor in defense are shown by high goals conceded and high corners conceded. If they allow more corners to be taken the opposing team has got a better chance at scoring goals.

Here’s an example using Chelsea FC to show what information can be used

Last season in the Premiership Chelsea where the top goal scoring team. This season Chelsea have been steaming ahead, scoring 21 goals and conceding only 1. Chelsea play better at home scoring 3 more goals than in their away games. 67% of Chelsea’s games have an over ‘2.5 goal’ result. The figure is even higher when they play at home. They also win a lot more corners playing at home than away. Matched up against a team with low goals scored and corners conceded away you’ve got the ingredients for a good goal bet.

Looking at Chelsea’s fixtures they have a home game against Blackburn Rovers coming up late October. Blackburn concede a lot of corners away from home and 67% of their away games produce over ‘2.5 goals’.  An over ‘2.5 goal’ bet on Chelsea Vs Blackburn Rovers might be a good choice here.

This process can be repeated for various Premiership teams producing powerful goal bets.

Where have readers gone to next?

No better place to start goal betting on Betfair than with their special free money promotion, basically it’s a win or you money back first bet.

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