England are good a scoring goals. Well most of the time. There is an interesting trend for people interested in goal betting on England’s World Cup games.

The World Cup betting market is generally set at “Over 2.50 Goals / Under 2.50 Goals”, as we all know you can not score a ½ goal so it has to be either 2 goals or less, or 3 goals or more.

8 of the last 10 England games have paid out a winner on Over
2.5 Goals bets

9 of the last 10 USA games have paid out a winner on Over 2.5
Goals bets.

Unfortunately the game against the USA proved to be the 2 out of 10 games that have not produced over 2.5 goals. After drawing 1:1 with the USA, Fabio Capello will surely have England ‘fired up’ for the next game. When playing another high goal scoring nation this is a goal betting opportunity.

Moreover, when England’s midfield problems are resolved when Gareth Barry returns that will free up Gerrard to play in a more comfortable position; away from Lampard which has not been a partnership that has performed well.

Since 1986 when the current World Cup tournament format was adopted there have been 348 matches played, of which, 149 had less than 2.50 goals and 199 games with 3 or more.

The bookmakers factor these results into their goals market prices and in the majority of cases the under 2.50 goals is set at the favourite of around 1.65-1.80.

A simple goal betting strategy would be to back Over 2.50 goals at evens (2.00 decimal) or greater. The odds offered by the bookmakers is currently about 1.8 or 4/5 for England vs Algeria. Betfair is known for normally having better odds than traditional bookmakers. Visiting Betfair you can get odds of 2.0 for over 2.5 goals. One cool feature of Betfair is that you can decide what odds you want. So instead of accepting the odds offered of 2.0 you can enter 2.3 instead. Your bet would remain unmatched until another Betfair member is willing to offer you the odds you want. To learn more and to find out the best odds visit Betfair. Otherwise its a good idea to compare odds before betting.

Taking what was mentioned above, if you can gets odds over evens (2.0) or more you will be obtaining value on what is roughly a 50:50 out come.

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