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1) A Betfair account is a must. The best place to bet that something is not going to happen (lay betting) is Betfair. For those unsure of this idea see the Let’s Compare Bets Betfair FAQ.

2) Place bets only in the correct score or total goal betting markets. Lay the 0 – 0 goal line in the correct score market or lay 7 or more goals in the total goals market.

3) Choose football games that produce high confidence lay betting opportunities. This is the selection system.

Team ‘match ups’ need to be chosen carefully. Using head to head statistics it is possible to select high probability games for lay bets.

How to select games for 0 – 0 goal line lay bets.

A team showing attacking characteristics matched against a team showing weak defensive characteristics is an obvious choice. Two teams with attacking qualities are a good match up. If both teams have weak defensive characteristics that is also a good choice.

For correct score lay bets avoid teams which both have weak attacking characteristics.

To help with selecting the right games get bookies to give you a helping hand. Go to the over 2.5 goals market and see if the odds are lower than evens. If the odds are under evens there is a good chance that goals will be scored.

How to select games for 7 or more goal lay bets.

Look at matches where both teams that that have strong defensive qualities or both teams have poor attacking characteristics.

What data should be used to select the best football goal bets?

Attacking qualities include high numbers of goals scored, corners won and a high percentage of ball possession.

Teams with weak defensive characteristics include high goals conceded, high corners conceded, and low ball possession figures.

How to get free information for this goal betting system.

Websites like and are good for goal betting stats. is also good for all kinds of football betting data.

After selecting a game it’s a good idea to check websites like for injury news. If first team strikers or the captain is injured normally it’s a bad thing and the selection should be considered again. On the other side of the coin, it’s a good thing if there is a key defender injured (for 0 – 0 scoreline lay bets not for total goal markets).

3) Remember keep it simple, then repeat, repeat, repeat. By repeating what works the betting bank will build steadily.

4) Use good money management and loss reduction techniques. The prospect of a loosing bet will rear it’s ugly head every now and again.

Betfair has introduced a cash out button, which allows members to ‘cash out’ a bet at any time. Perhaps after watching the game or follow live updates online it looks as though no goals will be scored the cash out button should be considered. What it does is to make smaller opposing bets across all the other possible bets in the market to reduce a loosing bet. The Cash Out button is very useful. It appears once the bet goes in play, in the screens accessible after clicking the game in the list of market in the left hand column of the Betfair website.

Optional. Go in play for better results. By making bets in play it’s possible to wait for the odds to shorten (the shorter the odds the less money that needs to risked on the lay bet). By waiting for up to 20 minutes for placing a 0 – 0 goal line lay bet the odds can shorten massively. If a goal is scored within the first 25 minutes or so the odds for a 7 or more goal lay bet will also reduce significantly.

Select a good loss recover system. For example, take any loss and divide it by 5. Make that figure the new stake until the loss is recovered. Then return to the original staking amount.

5) Use advanced techniques using statistics to assess if the odds available offer value. As part of our a free mini series on value football betting Let’s Compare Bets are offering readers a goal betting calculator. The goal betting calculator enables people to compare betting odds to uncover hidden value. The mini series explains all. The sign up form is to the top right of this page (name and email address required).

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