What do the head to head stats tell us about Man United Vs Blackburn Rovers at the weekend? Here the post will look at the head to head stats needed for football betting.

First lets look at recent form. Man United retain possession of the ball more than Blackburn Rovers. On average Man United will keep the ball in play around 57% of the time compared to Blackburn’s 43%. From the last 5 premiership games Man U have won 4 and drawn once, whereas Blackburn have won 2 and lost 3 times. Manchester United score over 2 goals on average per game. Compare that to Blackburn’s 1.3 goals. In fact, both teams score over 2.5 goals in over 71% of their games. Strangely Man United do not get as many corners as Blackburn. Although, the cause of this is that shots on goal are more accurate and more often when taken by Berbatov, Nani, or Rooney.

Recommended bets for Manchester United Vs Blackburn Rovers
Manchester United to win
‘Over 2.5’ goal bet

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