Time for a quick recap of our World Cup Betting diary. You won’t find any match bets here, just goal betting, corner betting and booking points betting. Let’s see how things have gone.

What a surprise the England Germany game was. We can’t even say it was bitter sweet, well, as far as goal betting goes anyway. With a surprising 4 goals the game didn’t profit for an under 2.5 goal bet. However, the England game was more profitable in the corners market. The Corners match bet paid out because England where the best, once again, at winning corners. The 13 or more corner bet did not pay but was saved by the 10 – 12 corners bet that was placed. The saver bet placed for 10 – 12 corners is only available with Betfair, whereas normal bookmakers offer an exactly 11 corners bet. The chances of getting 10 -12 corners was less than getting over 13 corners. Hence, odds where longer so it only needed a small bet to cover the costs of loosing the over 13 corners bet.

Then there was the USA v Ghana goal bet. The low goal numbers continued and the goal bet won. When Cameroon played Holland there where less than 9 corners, so that was another bet that won. The same happened for Japan V Denmark.

Here’s the run down
England V Germany under 2.5 goal bet LOST
England V Germany corners match bet WON
England V Germany over 13 corners LOST
England V Germany 10 – 12 corner saver bet WON
USA V Ghana under 2.5 goals bet WON
Cameroon V Holland 9 corners or less WON
Denmark V Japan 9 corners or less WON

Onward to tonight’s game. Holland will be battling against the Uruguay for the final on Sunday. Holland have looked very convincing so far winning 5 out of 5 games. Not surprisingly Holland are odds on favourite to win in normal time. Uruguay look more weak after having drawn 2 games; still no loses though.

Here are the stats that we will be using for the game. The majority of both Holland’s and Uruguay’s games have gone under 10 corners. That’s 3 out of 5 for Uruguay’s games and 4 out of 5 for Holland’s games. Both teams are winning on average less than 5 corners in each game.

An under 9 corners bet looks good here. Find the best odds.

Holland have a 100% trend that can’t be ignored. Holland have gotten the first booking in all of their games; 5 out of 5. They must be pumped up because they have also received the most bookings points in 4 out of 5 of their games. Whereas, Uruguay look quite weak here, with getting the first card in 2 out of 5 of their games, and have received most booking points in 2 games. On average Uruguay got 10 less bookings points (or a yellow card) less than their opponents per game. In some games they didn’t receive any bookings points.

A Holland to be the first team carded bet looks good. Find the best odds.

Asian handicap bets have been described in an earlier post. An ‘Asian Handicap Cards – Holland +0.5’ bet also looks good. Find the best odds or get the best free bets.

Last but not least there is a corners doubles bet that’s worth looking at. The most corners double; for Holland to get more corners than Uruguay, and for Spain to get more corners than Germany. Bwin have some good odds for this, although, that might have changed. Compare odds

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