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The Football World Cup has started. A massive occasion, with unbelievable amounts of money being won and lost. It’s almost a sin not taking part. So, for World Cup betting go no further than Lets Compare Bets. This post will be part of a series aiming to compare World Cup bets. The profitable trends and statistics
for World Cup betting will be uncovered.

If you didn’t know it is possible to bet on booking points during a football game. Betting on booking points is great for World Cup betting because it doesn’t matter if the team wins or loses. It is all down to the character of the team. Their aggressiveness and passion.

There are various things that can make a good bet turn bad. Robert Green making a school boy error is a good example. Credit to anyone who made a Gerrard first goal scorer bet for England’s first game of the tournament against the USA.

However, teams don’t often change the way they approach a game. Regardless of form if the team play aggressively they will play aggressively no matter how well they play on the day. If they are having a howler they’ll be more aggressive. This makes betting on booking points relatively free of nasty surprises.

If you know about betting on booking points skip this part and jump straight to the World Cup betting trends below.

Generally bookmakers apply a similar points system to bookings

* Yellow Card = 10 points
* Red Card = 25 points
* An automatic red is given for two yellow cards resulting in 35 points

Betting on bookings is a simple over under market,

Under 35 points, over 35 points or exactly 35 points. This is the same are 3.5 cards. Actually bookmakers usually set the market somewhere between 3.5 and 5.5 cards.

Let’s see how this can be applied to betting at the World Cup.

The world cup qualifying games are an good place to spot trends for World Cup betting. There are 5 teams in the South American qualifying group who played 18 games. A surprising 82% of games resulted in 3.5 cards or over 35 booking points.

Here are the trends up close.

In 88.8% of games Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay’s games all resulted in more than 35 booking points or 3.5 cards. That’s a massive 16 out of 18 games.

Brazil’s games where awarded over 35 booking points 77.7% of the time; 14/18 games.

Paraguay gained 35 booking points in 66.6% of their games (12/18)

During the qualifying campaign you would have won 48 out of 54 games betting on over 35.5 booking points giving you a winning strike rate of 88.8%.

It’s not just the South American who get lots of bookings. The Balkan states of Serbia and Slovenia will be a cash cow of bookings bets.

Here are the bookings trends for Serbia and Slovenia.

Serbia averaged 5 yellow cards per game producing 56.5 booking points during qualifying games. In 7 out of 10 games this would have produced winning bets; 70% of the time.

Slovenia where just as bad with 55.8 booking points in their qualifying games. Over 35 booking points bets would have won in 75% of the games.

In South Africa this summer the teams to watch for ‘Over’ total booking points betting and total cards bets are Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Serbia and Slovenia. Bet on booking points at the World Cup and win, or your money back with Betfair.

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