Football (or soccer) is big. Like it or not, it’s big and getting bigger. The UK and Europe are exporting it and foreigners are investing in it. Here at Let’s Compare Bets we have access to football data that will help feed another market that is getting fat from football’s success. That’s football betting. It’s a something that anyone can get involved in. Some bet on football because they love ‘the beautiful game’ others do it just to make money. In either case this post reveals some of the best trends to follow for football betting on premiership teams. Premier League Betting

But first, a note about England international tonight. Fabio Capello injury woes has limited his choice of strikers. Peter Crouch, Wayne Rooney, and Kevin Davies the only three strikers available. The limited choice of players doesn’t stop there with John Terry and Ledley King missing from defensive duties. What does this mean for football betting enthusiasts. In the past Lets Compare Bet’s has commented on England’s capacity for scoring more than two goals per game. Before placing an over 2.5 goal bet caution is needed. Rooney’s troubled private life may have effected his ability to perform in international appearances. Unless the odds are very favourable it might be worth concentrating more on the weekends premiership football rather than this game.

Let’s get on with the article. Here at some teams with stand out betting trends. With a weekends football fast approaching it might be worth using this information.

Aston Villa and Arsenal are corner junkies. Villa would have paid out in 6 out of the last 7 games. That’s not a bad result.

Who are Villa playing next?

Aston Villa have got a tough game next playing Chelsea. Chelsea are great defenders and should not be relied upon to produce lots of corners, especially since they’ve not produced more than 10 corners at all this season. An interesting game from a football betting view point is the game against Sunderland on 23rd October. A game that could be ripe for football betting. Sunderland have won nearly 7 corners per game when they play at home. Aston Villa have won won just over 4 corners per match and concede about twice as much playing away from Villa Park (their home ground). Over 10.5 corners looks likely.

Wigan Athletic lost to Manchester City recently, 0 – 2. Man City went second in the table. Despite Carlos Tevez playing well for Manchester City Wigan still maintained their 100% corner betting trend. Football betting on under 10.5 corners for Wigan games has been quite profitable so far this year.

Wigan’s games average just over 5 corners per game when they play at home. Compared to a terrible corner average when they play away. Taking into account that Man City’s average corners per match is just over 9 the markets probably didn’t expect Wigan to perform so well at stopping corners. This would have meant that the odds offered on the bet would have been quite favourable.

Wigan’s is great for under 10.5 corners bets when they play at home. Matched against an team which isn’t very good at winning corners and or is good at stopping them then you have a good football betting opportunity. Check the opponents ‘corners for’ and ‘corners against’ figures. Try a under corner bet where appropriate. If you are looking for great odds try looking at a game similar to the Man City one described above. Wigan can surprise good corner getting teams when they play at home. That means the odds might be very good and you could really catch out the bookies.

Very reliable trends for football betting would be where under / over goals, corners, or bookings happen at least 90% of the time. Here are some trends that can be used for football betting in premiership matches.

Goal betting trends
At home all of Arsenals game have gone over 2.5 goals (at the time of going to press). On average Arsenal score within the first 29 minutes of the game.

All of Aston Villa’s away games have gone over 2.5 goals.

Birmingham City have always scored more than 2.5 goals playing away from home.

All off Blackpool’s games have gone over 2.5 goals when playing at home.

100% of Everton’s away games have gone under 2.5 goals.

All of Man City away games produce under 2.5 goals.

100% of Man United home games have produce over 2.5 goals.

Corner betting trends
Arsenal have another 100% betting trend. Away games have averaged over 10.5 corners in every game.

All of Aston Villa’s home games have gone over 10.5 corners.

100% of Birmingham City’s away games have produced less than 10.5 corners.

Blackburn Rovers games have produced over 10.5 corners in all of their away games.

Bolton Wonders games have produce over 10.5 corners is all away games this season.

All Chelsea away games went under 10.5 corners this season.

Liverpool away games have produce less than 10.5 corner so far this season.

Newcastle away games have produced under corners in all of their away games so far this season.

Bookings points betting trends

Blackburn Rovers rovers play nice and fair and have not produced more than 35.5 bookings points since the start of the season if they play at home.

Blackpool’s games have all produced less than 35.5 betting points when playing at home.

100% of Man City away games produce under 35.5 bookings points.

This list could go on. Nearly every team in the premiership has a 100% betting trend.

What football bets do these trends suggest?

When goal betting it doesn’t just come down to matching one 100% goal betting trend team with another. Other betting data can be used. For example, how many goals do they win and how many do they concede home and away. If you have two teams with great ‘over goals’ trends but concede very few goals then there probably won’t be more than 2.5 goals in the match. It is also important to consider how many corners the team concedes at home and way, which is an indicator of how good at attacking the team is.

Although some trends just scream for football goal betting. Take a match between Birmingham City playing Manchester United at home. If you recall 100% of Birmingham City’s games go over 2.5 goals playing away and 100% of Man United’s games go over 2.5 goals playing at home. A quick look at how many goals Birmingham City concede away reveal that they let in two and a bit goals per game. Coupled with Man United goal scoring prowess that stacks up to be a compelling over goal betting opportunity.

This same process can be repeated for find the best premiership goal, corner and bookings points football bets. Betfair is a great platform for making football bets and on average have better odds than traditional bookmakers. You may want to try the Betfair free bet to get started. If you fancy acting like a bookmaker Betfair also allows you to bet that something won’t happen. Using these trends is a great way to find markets where an informed football betting fan can get really short odds for laying goal, corner and bookings markets.

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