Stats for Arsenal, Bolton, Tottenham and Hull all suggested that their games would produce an over to goal result.

The actual results where disapointing, with Tottenham vs Hull ending 0 – 0, and, Arsenal vs Bolton endng 2 – 0.

Being over half way into the season this is unexpected because the stats we have should be more reliable because there is more data for current team form. In any case, it is never possible to have a 100% success rate, and proper money management will reduce the effect of a few lossing bets.

After experiencing losing steak it is good to reaccess why we have been betting. If it is for the enterntainment and exciting that betting can bring then we should expect ups and downs, and that losing can be the nature of the beast.

If we are being more serious with our betting, we need to look at our systems, rules, staking plans and past experience to help us tweak our betting so that we stop making losing bets. Simple really. Also to accept the fact that there will always be losing bets.

Are we doing it for the thrill

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