Goals galore over the weekend, with Tottenham Hotspur conceeding a painful defeat with 5 goals going to Man City, at home. It wasn’t just Man City, Man United where in the game of destroying their opponents with goals as well. Bookmakers where fast to react and have started a series of goal based promotions. William Hill have a 100+ goal bet available as well as a team to score more than 9 goals bet.

It’s easy to get carried away with all these goals, but in fact, the most common goal result this season has been 0 – 0 draws.  Six goaless draws in 29 games. Betting on the 0 – 0 result in every game would have produced a nice profit.

[box type=”download” style=”rounded” border=”full”]A complete guide to football betting on the 2011/12 Premeirship season.  Download this guide free courtesy of Smart Betting Club.  There is something for everyone.  Including some great tips using research carried out on home / away team results, which is as good as the tips in this post.  It will open in the browser window (otherwise right click and select save as, then open once saved).[/box]

Another idea with a goal betting theme is betting on the draw and using a progressive staking plan. Each time a draw doesn’t come simply double the stake until a draw comes. The essence of this bet trading strategy is that the eventual winning bets, when they come, cover all the loses, the stake and produce a profit. The longer a team goes without scoring any goals the longer the odds and the bigger the payout. This strategy will only work when the odds are more than equal. As long as the odds don’t go below decimal odds of 2 then it is a good strategy.

The teams which are yet to draw are Man Utd, Man City, Bolton, Everton, QPR, West Brom, Blackburn and Tottenham. The longer they go with out drawing the more likely a draw will be. Man Utd and Man City are not worth punting for the draw, becuase, they are just to good at winning. Unless they are playing each other possibly, but even then it probably isn’t worth it. With three games without a draw the other teams look good. Don’t forget to start with a low stake because teams can sometimes go nearly a whole season without a draw!

As expected, Wayne Rooney has been quite prolific at scoring goals so far this season. Anyone who backed Rooney as top goal scorer at the start of the season can now lay the result at much lower odds on Betfair for a guaranteed profit. As mentioned earlier on our blog this is a good strategy for acting like a bookmaker yourself;  make a selection of bets on season long markets. If the odds move negatively against you close out the bet for a small loses. If the odds go in a profitable direction apply a system to lock in the maximum gain. Find out more here.

Let’s Compare bets has followed and provided tips based on football stats for a while now. Stats are great for Premiership football betting, and one of the best places to get football stats is from the Betfair website.

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