Football betting data is useful for making informed football bets. It’s the stats that give punters the edge. As football teams develop and evolve football betting trends result and the resulting ‘winning streaks’ are great for punters. Betting trends in the English Premiership can lead you to bets that pay out week after week. Betting trends can last for longer than expected. This post reviews the latest football betting trends that give high confidence indicators for where to place bets, including correct score goal betting and corner betting.

Both Chelsea and Liverpool FC have had a chequered few months in the last phase of The Premiership. As the the teams adapt to new circumstances some interesting trends have developed. Chelsea have been dominating in the corners market recently. Over the last 19 games Chelsea have won more corners in 95% of the games. They have won more corners in the last 8 games. That’s a winning streak to watch. Especially if Chelsea’s strike force improves (a.k.a Fernando Torres). For now concentrate on corners betting when it comes to Chelsea. Birmingham play Chelsea at home on Wednesday 11th April: Birmingham have conceded more corners in their last 4 games. That’s worth a handicap bet on Chelsea winning more corners or just a straight corner supremacy bet. Home team advantage is a well documented phenomenon and it’s evident at Stamford Bridge where Chelsea have won most corners in 80% of their games. the remaining 20% of games where ‘corner ties’.

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To kick off let’s start with Newcastle and Man United. They are playing Tuesday 19th at 7.45pm and the stats give some compelling reasons to look at this game for goal betting. Man United away games are producing more than 3 goals per game. Newcastle are also scoring more than 3 goals, at home. Almost 70% of Newcastle’s games go ‘over 2.5’ goals and a whopping 75% of Man United’s games result in ‘over 2.5’ goals. This game is an obvious choice for a 0 – 0 correct score lay bet or a straight ‘over 2.5’ goal bet.

What about Liverpool? The signing of Andy Carroll has injected a lease of life into The Reds. That’s shown by one of the longest winning streaks in The Premiership to date. A goal scored in each of the last 15 league games. Liverpool have scored 1.8 goals on average this season. Their next game (Sat 23rd) is against Birmingham City who concede 1.6 goals on average. Their is only just over a 50% chance of an over 2.5 goal result. But it’s a gold plated tip for a correct score lay bet on the 0 – 0 score line. Lay bets are best taken with Betfair the betting exchange.

Ian Holloway’s Blackpool are goal monsters, scoring an average of 1.6 goals per game, but, even more worth of a bet is that they concede 2.1 goals on average. At home a massive 94% of games produce more than 2.5 goals. Blackpool’s home games provide high confidence nil nil correct score lay bets. It’s so likely that they game will produce goals it a firm favourite for the correct score betting. Blackpool also have an impressive 100% trend for ‘both teams to score’ when playing at home (16 out of 16 games so far). Blackpool’s next game versus Newcastle United is at home which will make a decent 0 – 0 lay bet on Betfair. What’s more Blackpool are the bookies favourite to go down.

Blackburn and Sunderland have lost a whole load of games recently. This lends itself well to the double chance market. Normally there are 3 possible outcomes in the football win market; win, lose, or draw. Taking a double chance bet reduces the number of outcomes to 2. The bet wins if the team backed wins or draws. Teams opposing Blackburn or Sunderland have a good chance of getting the win or draw. Sunderland play Wigan next (Sat 23rd April) which could be a good game to dip a toes into the double chance market. Wigan played well to get a huge win against Blackpool, 3 – 1, in an away game that took them free of the relegation zone. Wigan will be looking to continue this streak against Sunderland. An on-line free bet is recommended for visitors who want to take advantage of the suggestions in this post.

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