The Netherlands are good a defending. In qualifying they won they conceded only 2 goals in 8 games. They kept a clean sheet and won in 6 of those games ‘to nil’. With Japan not being a strong attacking side show by low goal numbers and low corners won figures, a Netherlands win to nil bet might be in order. This is by no means meant as advice but just an account of a betting diary of the World Cup. Follow me at your own risk. I’m having fun. I won’t be losing any sleep or my house!

With odds of more the evens at Betfair that’s the first bet we’ll wager. Starting small. Lets see how it goes. If anyone wants to open an account with Betfair they will offer your first bet or your money back, up to £25. This may not be the bet for making the best of that offer. We’ll let you know when that one comes.

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