The World Cup draws to a close and Spain are triumphant. Their first ever World Cup victory. Widely expected as the final result. In part due to the fact that a large part of the team have all played regular football at Barcelona.

The Spanish played well in what was a dirty game. The World Cup final was littered with yellow cards. One for De Jong’s karate kick on the chest of Xabi Alonso, which should have been a red card. Any how, this worked out well for our Holland to win most bookings points bet. This was frustrating because there was no time for us to place a bet, but, we hope our readers made the most of that one.

Let’s see the outcome of the LetsCompareBets World Cup betting diary.

There where 14 bets in total not counting the ones we didn’t place that we advised on in the previous post. Winning bets where 8 and 6 loosing bets. That’s a 57 percent strike rate.

There’s a picture of our Betfair account underneath. Unfortunately we didn’t get to place all the bets we recommended. Feel free to look back through our post and see for yourself how you would have done.

Using football statistics is a great way to get football bets. We’re no experts. We just did this for fun to show our readers that using the statistics can spot profitable bets. You’ll notice that our staking is a bit rubbish. Normally each bet would be carefully staked using a professional staking plan.

To register your interest in receiving free football betting tips from ex betting shop managers and bookmaker insiders visit this page, and punch in your details. These guys use proper staking and find value bets. You’ll get a bunch of free football betting tips to start with.

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