A recent game between Aston Villa and Hull produced 20 corners recently. That would have been a great over corners bet. A bookmaker would normally offer you a prediction of over 11 corners. Simple. More than 11 corners and you win. Less you lose.

What about this example? The game produced a whopping 20 corners. That’s 9 corners over the 11 corner prediction a normal bookmaker would have offered.

You would have got nothing for those other 9 corners. The extra profit the other corners could have bagged for you would have been great. Here’s a way to make the corners pay!

Spread betting companies offer multi corner and x-corner bets. The Aston Villa vs Hull example would have been great for a x-corners bet. This post will explain how multi corner and x-corner spread bets work.

A Multi-Corner spread bet is given using the total number of corners won in the game. But, the number of corners in the first half are multiplied by the number of corners in the second half, hence the name multi corners. The spread betting company predicts the result and offers a spread.

Multi Corner bets are also available per team. The corner numbers scored in the first half by one team are multiplied by the corner number in the second half by the same team.

The X-Corners spread bet works by multiplying the total corners won by the home team by the away team corner total. In the Aston Villa vs Hull example, normal bookmakers where offering ‘evens’ for an over ’12’ bet. But, placing an x-corners bet with sporting index would have produced 62 times your stake.

The spread offered by sporting index was 37 – 39. The home team, Hull City, won 11 corners. Aston Villa where playing away and won 9 corners. That’s 11 x 9 giving 101 points. Take the total points and subtract the spread and it gives you 62 points profit. Your stake times 62.

Aston Villa play Birmingham next. Those reading this before the game take note…. there’s an opportunity for another high X-Corner result. Reading this after the game? Find out the results. See what happened. 🙂

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